HVAC Technology

How Technology Is Influencing HVAC for the Better

Let’s take a look at some of the latest advancements in technology that are taking the present day HVAC system towards a brighter future.

The HVAC industry has obviously progressed since the original electric furnace in 1861.

Did you know back then they starting out burning wood, but now the next-generation AI-based automated heating systems are here.

Intelligence is bringing us smart HVAC units and products. HVAC technologies are changing everyday. Companies are entering the industry and taking the game of innovation to the next level. Infinity Air Heating & Cooling is proud to be a part of these companies by staying 3 steps ahead and up to date on the latest technology and training.

Technology is without a doubt a huge contributor to the growth of the HVAC industry. It is playing an important role in satisfying the increasing demand for energy-efficient solutions especially in the economy we now live in.

In the initial development of the first HVAC system, the technology was centered on mechanical advancements that could increase efficiency.

Now the current focus has  shifted towards sustainability, comfort, and energy-savings. This is extremely important considering the current impact on our climate and the need for smart heating and cooling systems is vital.

Can you imagine your air conditioner automatically turning on exactly 15 minutes before you reach home from work?  You can achieve this through scheduling and geofencing. It is the smart technology that offers ample convenience allowing you to set triggers to control your HVAC system from your mobile device.

With these Wi-Fi connected devices, you don’t even need to be home to send commands to your unit!

Smart Air Conditioners, smart controllers, and programmable smart thermostats offer numerous benefits. They give you home comfort and convenience. 

You can achieve energy savings by controlling the setting to activate your HVAC unit exactly when you need it. This ensures that the unit would not be running unnecessarily throughout the day and thus saving energy.

With smart technology, completely automated homes are also becoming a reality. Now, your HVAC unit can be connected with other smart appliances in your home and behave automatically based on climate conditions, preferences, and settings.

 All appliances can be interconnected and adjusted according to each other!

We look forward to the progressive technology advances in the HVAC industry.