How We Do Business Differently

Why Doing Good Business Is Important To Us!

There are many companies that just don’t do good work. The HVAC industry is no exception. In fact it is even more common than you know.


We hate seeing people being taken advantage of. That is why we are starting a homebuyers beware program.

In order for us to do business differently there are 3 specific things that we feel differentiate ourselves from the competition.

#1: The Trust Factor

Unfortunately, companies prey on what people just don’t know what they don’t know. After all, if you are calling a professional you probably are not an HVAC expert right? You need to find a company you trust.

So how can we build trust with you? This is how we do it.

  • We have the highest A+ rating with the BBB and 5 star review rating with Google.
  • We care about our customers. You are not a dollar sign to us. You are a real person.
  • We are not a high pressure sales company. Our team is focused on education.
  • We show you in detail our recommendations and solutions that best fit your budget and your needs.
  • We will never sell you a service or piece of equipment you do not need.
  • We make ourselves available via phone, email, Facebook Messenger and IG messages for any questions you may have.
  • We are licensed and insured with the highest limits to protect you and us.
  • All of our technicians are trained to the highest standards and will always arrive in uniform with a name tag. All of our technicians go through a background and drug test.
  • We have the best in the business 10 year warranty on all equipment we install.
  • Once you become a customer we consider you part of our family and you will be treated like one.

#2: The Details

Some companies like to use big words. These can be confusing and sound like a foreign language. It can be meant to confuse you and make you think you need something you really don’t. Quite often they don’t know what they are talking about so they make it sound like they do. They will use terminology that leaves you looking like a deer in the headlights.

We know no doubt you have important questions. So how do we go about providing answers and information without overwhelming you.

  • We will provide easy to understand details and walk you through every step of the way.
  • Every estimate we send out is itemized and clear.
  • Our office manager is always available to answer any questions on any estimate.
  • We will never make you feel stupid or confused.
  • Because our technicians are the best in the business, it is easy to talk to them.
  • We pride ourselves on being upfront and honest at all times.
  • We do not believe in selling you anything you do not fully understand in both price and function.
  • We spend as much time as you need for us to explain and show you EXACTLY what is wrong. 
  • We know your time is valuable so we will not waste it.

#3: Go The Extra Mile

We call this “wow factor.” We take pride in going above and beyond. We always arrive prepared to keep your home clean. After every job is complete, we make sure we cleaned our worksite completely. We look around and try do a little extra.

  • We have helped hang pictures back on the walls
  • We have washed and refilled a pet’s water bowl for some older folks. 
  • We look for ways to be of service and offer  kindness.
  • Debunk the myth that an estimate of a part will be cheaper on Amazon. 
  • Our approach is always about the whole system’s health.
  • We work in terms of system functions, not just part functions.
  • We offer financing for those that may need the help.
We want to do business differently. We pride ourselves on these goals.
Watch this video to make sure this does not happen to you or someone you know.
As always, feel free to leave a comment or question.
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