Have you noticed an increase in your utility bills recently?  It may be time to have your AC system serviced. We are all so busy and it is easy to forget your HVAC unit works basically 24/7, 365 days a year. Be sure to schedule an air conditioner tune up soon. It may seem like an extra expense, especially if your air conditioner is fairly new, but the cost of replacing parts or the whole AC unit adds up quickly. Preventive maintenance is a smart investment in your comfort as well as controls your energy bills. But why is a tune up so important?


In order for your air conditioner to perform as well as possible, it needs regular service.

Think about your car. Several times a year you take care to change the oil. You probably don’t even drive it all 365 days. Whether you have an air conditioner or a heat pump, it works hard to keep up with Myrtle Beach weather all year and is just as important if not more to do the same service on your HVAC unit.


Bi-Annual maintenance on your HVAC unit increases the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system. Even regular air filter changes help your system run better. Your air conditioner or heat pump depends on good airflow.

If there’s dirt and debris on the components, if belts are loose, if components need lubrication, your HVAC equipment cannot perform as designed. It struggles and experiences more wear and tear.


When a qualified Infinity Air Heating & Cooling technician comes to your home, we will perform an ac tune up by performing a comprehensive inspection. This provides us insight into signs of duress. If we see a loose belt, we will tighten it.

This minor act, for example, could save you major headaches. A neglected AC unit will react with extra repair needs and unfortunately breakdowns. You may not get the full life span out of the equipment if this happens. This means repair costs and the expense of a replacement are more likely down the road.

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