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10 year best in the business warranty

Never Pay For A Service Call Fee Again. Affordable Labor Rates Are Always Guaranteed With The Purchase Of Any Equipment We Install. 

hvac Services

We Have A 5 Star Rating For A Reason. Our Homeowners and Residents Love our HVAC Service

Residential Air Conditioning


HVAC services for home owners and residents.

HVAC services for any size business or multi unit property.

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New Construction

HVAC services for new home communities and new construction.


How Technology Is Influencing HVAC for the Better

The HVAC industry has obviously progressed since the original electric furnace in 1861.

Did you know back then they starting out burning wood, but now the next-generation AI-based automated heating systems are here.

Intelligence is bringing us smart HVAC units and products. HVAC technologies are changing everyday. Companies are entering the industry and taking the game of innovation to the next level. Infinity Air Heating & Cooling is proud to be a part of these companies by staying 3 steps ahead and up to date on the latest technology and training.

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